Monday, June 13, 2011

What's New Summer 2011

Hello Flasher Choir and Fans of Flash Choir and Flash Choir Members of the Future,

Although the group lead by Pat and Sarah has not been meeting regularly since January, there have been some interesting things that have come up.

Some choir members will be participating in an event at Holocene this Wednesday, June 15 -- more info here. It is part of a new music night, and will feature a new composition by me, Sarah Dougher for small ensemble and five voices.

From time to time, opportunities like this are coming up, and we will always post them on the Google group, so if you'd like to be on that list, just email me and I'll put you on:

Also, a group of singers is meeting on Monday nights. Here are some (edited) notes from their rehearsals -- if you'd like to find out more, you can post your questions to the Google group.

Here are notes from their rehearsals:

June 6, 2011 @PNCA 7-9pm
Welcome to new Flash Choir member Devin Williams. She spotted the web blog and decided to check us out. Lynn Sherwood is also interested in joining, and Julie Flaming plans to come next week. Looks like a possible 9 people so far.
MUSIC REVIEW: Pieces brought in by anyone who wished to do so.
Warm up: Benji Met The Bear
William Billings songs: (rounds practiced)
When Jesus Wept
Youtube link here.
By the Waters of Babylon
Youtube link here.
Bob Dylan songs: (not reviewed)
Love is Just a Four Letter Word
Youtube link here.
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Youtube link here.
Warm Down: Bumble Bee scales; (1,121,12321,1234321 etc...scales)

Talked about use of room at PNCA and possible use of Mary's home instead.
Mary Claire-Sprott has a piano; we currently have Ali's electronic pitch pipe setting.

People were interesed in sight reading lessons with Jo's sister Nan (

June 13th, June 20th are the remaining days on the PNCA room reserve schedule. An extension is most likely possible through Grace's husband and PNCA professor.

May 23, 2011 @PNCA 7-9pm

MUSIC REVIEW: Pieces brought in by anyone who wished to do so.
Warm-Up: None
William Stafford/Sarah Dougher “Strangers Together”: (attempted to practice a few without a piano)

Come What May by Moulin Rouge:(words handed out) Youtube link here.


Director and Singer Searches:
Chorus Leader - I've forgotten who was suggested – someone Jo Haemer knows who would be opened to letting other people conduct on ocassion.
Singers - We could possibly put a “call for singers” posting near PSU Music Department, the Community Center in SE on Francis Street.
Practice Space: PNCA has been booked for four consecutive practices excluding Memorial Day. Mary-Claire Sprott has offered the use of her home if needed. She has a piano.

Performance Venue Ideas:
Performing while encircling sculptures. Some suggestions: Paul Bunyan Statue, Pod Sculpture across from Powells, Portlandia Sculpture from below, light poles (different songs around a number of light poles - one song at each pole on one side or both sides of the street - one next to another), and the Ira Keller Fountain.

Places Voodoo Donuts, Tulip Bakery in St. John's, Satyricon Bar, Henry Weinhard Brewery, Portland Train station, new homeless shelter near Portland Post Office, Japanese, Chinese, and Crystal Springs Gardens

Events Walk Portland – held in various parts of Portland during the summer.

Van Drive Ups Clowns or normally dressed singers unloading from a van in a variety of places to Flash spot sing.

Bus/Max GROUP performances Singing is normally prohibited on the transit system; but it was discussed that perhaps if done as a group FLASH (quickly) nobody would argue with a group of people who have a friendly agenda.

Song Works:
Gretchen Drilling expressed possible interest in adapting Moulin Rouge's "Come What May" to more than just two voice parts. May have to check out possible copyright legal issues before attempting. It is suggested that we try to use YouTube performance examples when suggesting song ideas along with lyrics and score.

Funding Matters:
Grant writing – Grace Saunders may be able to help out with this...she knows some great ins and outs about grant writing. We could work on something and then get funding for it, or target a specific funding with a specific project.

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