Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring with the Flash Choir

Hello friends and strangers,
The Flash Choir will be performing the ENTIRETY of "Caesar's Gate," a piece written by Sarah Dougher, in early April.
It is for choir and electric guitar. We hope to have clips of other performances up here soon, but there has so far been no complete performance of the piece.
It is based on the work of poet Robert Duncan and visual artist Jess.
If you'd like to join us in singing, please contact We rehearse on Monday nights from 7-9. You need to join us by MARCH 2 to participate in this performance.
Following this performance, we will be working on a piece based on 10 poems by William Stafford, to be presented in October. Rehearsals for this begin in May.

Here's one to pique your interest:


The thing is, I'm still
An animal. What is a spirit,
I wonder. But I only wonder:
I'll never know.

Night comes and I'm hungry.
Tempted by anything, or called
By my peculiar appetites,
I turn aside, faithfully.

What comes before me
Transforms into my life.
"Truth" I say, and it answers,
"I'm what you need."

I sing, and song shaped like a bird
Flies out of my mouth.

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